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Geoscience for sustainable development

Quality Management

Striving for high quality, reliable service

Management responsibility

The Director of GeoloGIS Ltd. will maintain annual plans that set out how its services will meet the needs and expectations of clients within regulatory requirements and identify minimum training requirements for all employees. Regular reviews of the plans will be undertaken and recorded as a basis for improving client satisfaction, business success and management methods.

Client care and satisfaction

We will ensure that that our services meet the exact requirements of our clients. Due care will be taken to protect the property of clients from damage or loss. Our plans for client satisfaction, including our system for dealing with client complaints and to record favourable comments, will be communicated to clients. Client satisfaction will be assessed during business reviews.

Staff and working environment

All employees will be provided with written contracts, will understand their role and responsibilities and how they should achieve the results required within a suitable and safe working environment and with appropriate and properly maintained equipment.


Suppliers of products and services to GeoloGIS Ltd. are selected on the basis of adherence to environmental and health and safety legislation, quality of products, reliability of service (including timely delivery) and cost.


The Director of GeoloGIS Ltd. will be aware of and have access to the relevant regulatory documents. Documents given out to external parties will contain all appropriate information.


In addition to the annual plan, we will keep all necessary records; these will be held for a minimum period of three years or as required by legislation or a client.

This policy is reviewed anually as part of our management review.