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Geoscience for sustainable development

Environmental Policy

Complying with environmental standards and legislation

Environmental standards and legislation

GeoloGIS’ environmental management system follows UK environmental legislation including the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Duty of Care Regulations 1991, Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2011 and best practice industry standards

Environmental Policy Statement

The work of GeoloGIS is fundamentally linked to the environment through the effective capture and use of knowledge of the ground that provides our natural resources, supports our infrastructure and ultimately sustains life itself.

The Director of GeoloGIS is committed to the following objectives:
•   To ensure compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation and best practice industry standards
•   To set, implement and regularly review objectives, targets and performance indicators to maintain our environmental performance
•   To have a positive impact on the environmental performance of our clients through meeting and exceeding the aims of contracts
•   To train our staff to ensure competence, continual development of professional expertise and embrace new technologies
•   To reduce our impact on the environment through minimising use of resources and waste and reducing energy consumption
•  To minimise or prevent pollution through the adoption of good environmental practices


Through our work we can often provide significant environmental benefit by helping construction projects achieve a design and methodology that work with the natural conditions. By our Geological GIS project we are working to develop capability in earth sciences and thereby the availability and use of geological information towards the sustainable use of resources and improvement in the quality of life in low-income countries.


This policy is reviewed annually as part of our management review.