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Geoscience for sustainable development

Bedrock outcrop in the Anti Atlas Mountains, Morocco: Landsat image courtesy of the U.S.Geological Survey



Professional and practical geological services

At GeoloGIS we provide accessible and accurate geological information in a timely, helpful and cost-effective manner. GeoloGIS clients range from UK and international engineering/construction and minerals companies and UK Governmemt to farm businesses, architects and householders.

GeoloGIS services include:

Geological desk study reports

Mining risk assessment reports

Mineral assessment reports (for mineral valuation)

Walkover survey and GIS mapping

Trial piting (machine or hand dug)

Percolation testing (hand dug) for infiltration systems

Borehole core description

GeoloGIS desk studies and description of geological materials comply with current British, European and International standards.

We are always pleased to receive and discuss enquiries in confidence and without obligation. Please get in touch.