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Anti Atlas, Morocco: Landsat image courtesy of the U.S.Geological Survey


GeoloGIS: accurate geological desk study reports


Prepared by a Chartered Geologist with 35 years experience, our reports aim to provide appropriate geological information in a way that is fit for purpose, clear, cost-effective and timely.


Reports are available in four levels:

1. Preview Report

 - low cost proforma report based on geological mapping and other data available online.

2. Geological Desk Study Report

 - a full investigation of online, published and non-published information to provide optimal geological information, including cross-sections to illustrate the stratigraphy and structure.

3. Desk Study and Mining Risk Assessment Report

 - an expanded desk study report in coalfield and other mining areas incorporating information from mine plans to document known workings and assess risk of shallow undocumented mining.

4. Mineral Assessment Report

- detailed evaluation of potential mineral resources as a precursor to or integrated with site investigation, also appropriate for mineral valuation (valuation can also be provided using established assessors).

Desk studies can be supplemented by walkover survey including peat probing if necessary.

For sites with existing reports, we also provide a confidential review service.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in confidence and without obligation.